The Nano Dynamic Scanner

BND Scanner Mark 5

The BND Scanner is a next generation high-speed atomic force microscope (AFM) capable of mapping sq. millimetre surface areas with nanometre resolution. This instrument provides an easy-to-operate route to measuring and exploring the nanoscale features at video-rate in both gaseous and liquid environments.

The BND Scanner Mark 5 is our flagship product. This instrument has an open design. The set-up can be easily modified for a number of imaging-modes and specific experimental set-ups, which when combined with the unique capabilities of the kit means you can design exciting and novel experiments.

BND Scanner Mark 5N

A variant of the BND Scanner Mark 5, the BND Scanner Mark 5N has been specifically designed to work with radioactive samples safely and with simple, inexpensive decontamination protocols. With a lead-lined, Perspex shielding, and remote computer control the user can feel assured that measurements are performed safely with no sacrifices to imaging capabilities.

At BND we design and manufacture unique instrumentation to fit the requirements of academic and industrial applications.

Get in contact with your challenges and we can develop and produce a bespoke solution to fit your specifications.