Bristol Nano Dynamics ltd is a spin-out of the University of Bristol in the UK. We are an instrument manufacturer specialising in rapid, high-resolution mapping and nanoscale surface characterisation. With more than 20 years experience developing video-rate scanning probe microscopes, we can provide versatile and user-friendly tools to address measurement challenges at any scale: from individual samples in your research lab through to manufacturing quality assurance.

Dr. Loren Picco

Loren is BND’s technical lead director and CEO.  With over 14 years experience in the field of nano-imaging technology Loren is an expert in scanning probe microscope development, particularly atomic force microscopy. Loren was a co-inventor of the high-speed AFM technology at the University of Bristol and recently awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship to commercialise the high-speed AFM technology.

Dr. Oliver Payton

Oliver is BND’s product development director.  Dr Payton has 10 years experience working on high-speed atomic force microscopy and his research in the area has covered the underlying physics of high-speed AFM through to the development of new imaging modes and use cases.  Oliver currently holds a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship at the University of Bristol.

Prof. Tom Scott

Tom is BND’s business development director. He currently holds a Royal Academy of Engineering Chair at the University of Bristol as a professor of nuclear materials and heads the Interface Analysis Centre there. Tom is an expert in the current gold standards of material characterisation and analysis as well as having an excellent knowledge of the challenges underpinning the UK nuclear industry.


The High-speed atomic force microscopy technology developed by Dr Picco and Dr Payton has been gained multiple awards. Most notably the National Nuclear Laboratory innovation award in 2015 for the instrument’s outstanding capabilities for the characterisation of steel.