Revolutionary Resolution With Dynamic SPM

Imaging rates 10 to 1,000 times greater than competing commercial SPMs and atomic force microscopes (including high-speed AFMs), Dynamic SPM delivers:

  • Video rate in any environment – from 2 to 20 frames per second at 1 megapixel to 100,000 pixels in ambient, liquid, and vacuum environments.
  • Automated processing and analysis – meaningful numbers and images at the touch of a button. Dynamic SPM offers a suite of automated image analysis, feature classification algorithms for a range of measurement types from nanoparticles and 2D materials to DNA and molecular analysis.
  • Workflow integration – slots into your existing processes and systems, our Dynamic SPM works on industry standard mounted sample stubs for EM analysis. Our process is non-destructive with no additional onerous sample preparation required: Same stub, same sample, prepared in the same way across all devices.
  • Throughput and Area – processes large sample sizes and delivers topographical measurements with sub-atomic Z resolution, Dynamic SPM can match any SEM sample size at nanoscale level of detail.

See how Vector D-SPM transforms rapid, high-resolution mapping and nanoscale surface characterisation here.