Who we are

Bristol Nano Dynamics ltd is a spin-out of the University of Bristol in the UK. We are an instrument manufacturer specialising in rapid, high-resolution mapping and nanoscale surface characterisation. With more than 20 years experience developing video-rate scanning probe microscopes (High-speed AFMs), we can provide versatile and user-friendly tools to address measurement challenges at any scale: from individual samples in your research lab through to manufacturing quality assurance.

Versatile, user-friendly mapping of nanoscale surfaces

Our flagship product (the Mrk5) is a high-speed atomic force microscope capable of mapping mm2 surface areas with nanometre resolution. It provides an easy-to-operate route to measuring and exploring the nanoscale features at video-rate in both gaseous and liquid environments.
A variant of the Mrk5, the Mrk5N, has been designed and built which is specifically designed to work with radioactive samples safely and with simple, inexpensive decontamination protocols.