Our in-house imaging services offers bespoke imaging and measurement analysis at the macro and nanoscale to help you achieve your goals. Our in-house facilities provide you with access to over £1 million worth of imaging instrumentation in our measurement suite.

Imaging Services

Our Measurement Suite

Our lab contains the following devices to suit broad imaging needs:
  • Vector, our flagship Dynamic SPM. High-throughput nanoscale measurements up to 20 FPS and in all environments.
  • We offer single or multi-axis measurement (simultaneous monitoring of multiple directions of motion) achieved with:
  • Single-point laser Doppler vibrometers with multiple lenses available at rates of up to 10 MS/s with +/- 15 picometer accuracy. Velocity and displacement measurements from reflective and non-reflective targets.
  • or

  • Three-axis fibre-optic interferometer. Displacement data from the target can be read-back at rates of up to 10 MS/s with picometer accuracy.
  • 12-megapixel optical cameras with a variety of lens options for standard optical imaging of samples / targets.
  • Our Expertise

    With our collective 50+ years’ experience in nano and macroscale imaging and instrumentation development, we can deliver unparalleled sample detail and meaningful measurements to you in easy-to-use formats, using our custom and commercial state-of-the-art tooling.

    Free Sample Assessment

    After an initial discussion to understand your imaging challenges, we will send you a Sample Pack to conduct a complementary assessment. This pack includes a standard SEM stub, sample case, and self-addressed padded envelope complete with instructions on preparing and sending us your sample. Your sample and all data relating to it will be held confidentially and will be deleted following the conclusion of our work.

    Within 5 working days of receipt of the sample we will conduct and deliver a Sample Assessment covering the feasibility of achieving your measurement goals and any advice for further sample preparation to improve outcomes. We can demonstrate, in our review call with you, the resolution and example data that can be achieved via either live measurements or output stills from our software.

    Additionally, we can give you an estimate of cost and time for achieving your goals with your sample or samples, should you wish to engage us further.

    In-House Measurement Services

    Following the Sample Assessment, we conduct imaging and measurements for you on your samples on a day rate, with estimated effort pre-agreed with you.

    Our typical service includes:

    • Data collection from your samples to a pre-agreed specification based on your goals.
    • Your generated datasets, and a copy of our view software so you can explore and further analyse your data
    • Live-stream imaging over Teams and/or in person as needed
    • Remote session to handover our findings and the assets, and to answer any questions you may have.