As seen in Nature and other publications, our ground-breaking product Vector is unlocking the power of imaging across sectors and industries to increase efficiency, save time and money and significantly expand market impact.

Vector is currently supporting optimisation of quality assurance and manufacturing processes for 2D materials, advanced genomic diagnostics for cancer detection and nanoparticle characterisation for environmental monitoring. 

Video-Rate Imaging

Video-rate imaging in any environment:

  • Video-rate imaging at the nanoscale, and automated characterisation of the occurring changes. These can be seen and tracked in real-time unlike any other form of nanoscale measurement tool/instrument.
  • Images at higher rates and with greater resolutions, working in ambient, liquid, and vacuum environments, including in conditions that would prevent imaging for fast tapping SPMs.
  • Zero sample degradation through imaging.

Automated Measurement

Automated measurement, processing, and analysis:

  • Automatic data capture to a bespoke grid pattern to fit your sample.
  • Automated Measurement of all nanostructures, analysed in height, shape, hardness and location within the sample, providing a spatial distribution of the structures relative to the optical image.
  • Enables correlative measurements as sample can be loaded into additional instrument for further data to be taken on specific elements.
  • Frame-by-frame software enables extraction of statistics a frame at a time providing insights into the evolution of the surfaces and structures.

Workflow Integration

Integration into existing workflows:

  • Vector seamlessly fits into existing processes to start adding value immediately with simple features such as the ability to use standard SEM sample mounts.
  • Removes operator expertise dependencies usually associated with commercial nanoscale measurement tools through automated instrument calibration, measurement and data analysis.
  • Delivers extended lifespan of probe, repeatability and consistency of results across many hours of continuous imaging via Vector‘s unique passive mechanical feedback loop.


Increased throughput enables large-area mapping:

  • Vector’s measurement throughput is thousands of times that of traditional SPM with no loss of resolution.
  • Provides unrivalled precision dimensional data that other EM systems cannot.
  • Enables unprecedented statistical confidence with no need to average or assume homogeneity of the sample.

Compared to Other AFMs

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