The enhanced capabilities of the BND Nano Dynamic Scanner allow for novel and exciting experiments.

Check out these capabilities and some example case studies by clicking the symbols below:

Real-Time Nano-Imaging

Real-time video imaging of dynamic processes in air, liquid, or controlled humidity/gaseous environments for in-situ observation and measurement of dynamic nanoscale processes.

Nano-structure identification

Rapid identification and analysis of key microstructural surface features, even extremely rare or widely dispersed nanoscale features. At the nanoscale, nothing is uniform.

Unparalleled sample statistics

Mapping nanostructures across millimetre areas. Sample statistics are collected quickly and with high confidence leading to strong conclusions and diagnostics across a sample surface.

Manufacturing Nanostructures

Produce and modify nano-structures and write directly onto surfaces. Simultaneous high-speed imaging enables close monitoring of the fabrication process, minimising rework.