Meet The Team

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Meet The Team
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Dr. Oliver Payton

Oliver is one of BND’s co-founding directors and CTO.  He has 14 years’ experience working on high-speed atomic force microscopy (HS-AFM) and his research in the area has covered the underlying physics of high-speed AFM through to the development of new imaging modes, instruments and use cases. Oliver has received a National Nuclear Laboratory impact award for his work on scanning probe microscopy and has held a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship at the University of Bristol.

Nathan Kelly

Nathan is BND’s Lead Research and Development Engineer. He designs and develops hardware for BND's High-speed Atomic Force Microscopes and their accompanying systems, developing ideas from conception through to final product. Nathan also has prior experience in the fields of biomedical engineering and rapid prototyping.

Dr. Loren Picco

Loren is one of BND’s co-founding directors and CEO.  With over 15 years’ experience in the field of nano-imaging technology Loren is an expert in scanning probe microscope development, particularly atomic force microscopy (AFM). Loren was a co-inventor of the high-speed AFM technology at the University of Bristol and recently awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship to commercialise the high-speed AFM technology.

Daniel Guest

Daniel is a consultant at BND. He has 5 years’ experience working with high-speed atomic force microscopes (AFMs), with a particular focus on the on-board diagnostics system to implement automatic force control. Daniel is expert on both the hardware and the software and has expertise in rapid prototyping.

Prof. Tom Scott

Tom is one of BND’s co-founding directors and BND’s business development director. He currently holds a Royal Academy of Engineering Chair at the University of Bristol as a professor of nuclear materials and heads the Interface Analysis Centre there. Tom is an expert in the current gold standards of material characterisation and analysis as well as having an excellent knowledge of the challenges underpinning the UK nuclear industry.

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Dr. Freddie Russell-Pavier

Freddie is BND's embedded systems developer with 7 years of experience in realising concepts into deployable tools. He undertook a PhD at the University of Bristol investigating nanoscale sensing and positioning using optical pickup units. He is an expert in developing and characterising instrumentation modules that facilitate high-speed atomic force microscopy.

Dr. Stacy Moore

Stacy is BND’s instrument scientist. She is an EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellow at the University of Bristol where she studies localised corrosion processes using high-speed atomic force microscopy (AFM). She is an expert in designing experiments for the high-speed AFM, including sample preparation, instrument accessory development, and instrument use.