Meteorite Measurements

Meteorite Measurements ☄️

We hope you enjoyed the eclipse last week! 🌞 Here is something else out of this World, an iron meteorite!

Once travelling at 10s km/s it makes sense to image the polished surface on the World’s fastest scanning probe microscope, Vector.

The sample was polished by the University of Bristol and imaged in the Bristol Nano Dynamics sample assessment lab on Vector. The 56 megapixel composite topography map of a 0.1 x 0.125 mm region has a 15 nm pixel size and +/- 60 pm height resolution. This map was collected in only 50 seconds! 🚀

The height contrast shows the ferrite and austenite phases present in the metal. These phases vary in size and shape considerably across the surface from nanometres to tens of microns in size, making large area assessment with nanometre resolution necessary.

If you would like to know more about Vector, or have a sample that you’d like to image, check out our contact page ( or drop us a LinkedIn message 💬 – we would love to hear from you!