BND at the AFM & SPM 2024 Meeting

BND is at the AFM & SPM 2024 Meeting! 🔬

We are currently at the Royal Microscopical Society AFM & SPM 2024 Meeting in Durham, UK (RMS | AFM & SPM Meeting 2024).

Come to our stall alongside fellow Bristol company NuNano!

💥 See our latest model of Dynamic-SPM – Vector – in action!
💡 Chat with us about your AFM/SPM challenges.
🔬 If you have a sample with you, pop by for an imaging session!
📆 Use our sign-up sheet to arrange your own Vector demo.*

If you couldn’t attend this meeting, please get in touch to arrange a demo or a sample assessment via our website ( or drop us a LinkedIn message 💬 – Be sure to follow us to keep up with our updates, and announcements of future engagement opportunities!

*We also have sweets 🍬