BND Is Going To SPM & AFM Meeting 2024

We’re going to RMS’s AFM & SPM 2024 Meeting! 🔬

We are currently preparing for the @Royal Microscopical Society AFM & SPM 2024 Meeting in Durham, UK, next week ( – running from Tuesday 26th – Thursday 28th March.

💥 Come and see the world’s fastest AFM! We will be giving demos of our latest model of Dynamic-SPM: Vector. Come along to our stall (alongside fellow Bristol company NuNano!) to see Vector in action! 💥

Do you have any interesting samples for us to measure? 💡 Please bring them along – we’d love to see what Vector can do for you!

Our own Dr Loren Picco and Dr Oliver Payton will be presenting posters on some of the exciting research performed using Vector for large area assessment and for the in-situ observation of electrochemical processes. Dr Stacy Moore will also be attending with the University of Bristol! She will be giving a talk titled: Probing Localised Corrosion Using Dynamic SPM, on Wednesday 27th March at 16:00 GMT.

We look forward to some interesting and productive talks and discussions! 🧠

If you would like to know more about our technology, check out our Vector page or drop us a message on our Contact page 💬 – we look forward to hearing from you!