Stacy at Operando SPM in Berlin

We’re very pleased to announce that Dr Stacy Moore, our Lead Staff Scientist, will be presenting at the Operando SPM 2023 conference in Berlin today!

Dr Moore will be giving her talk “Direct Observations of Electrochemical Processes Using Dynamic Scanning Probe Microscopy” at 3:40 pm (Berlin local time).

Operando SPM 2023 is taking place at Harnack House, the conference venue of the Max Planck Society, and is bringing together scientists and engineers using operando techniques to study chemical reactions and processes under environmental conditions. This is an exciting topic, with techniques such as scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy being used to measure these processes as they occur. It is a topic of significant benefit to fields like electrocatalysis, energy conversion and energy materials and we are very proud that Dr Moore will be presenting some of her recent work to the community.

If you’re attending Operando SPM don’t miss what is sure to be an interesting insight into the study of electrochemical processes using Bristol Nano Dynamics Dynamic-SPM technology.