Research Highlights (#1)

Phosphorene Nano Ribbons - Research Highlights #1 🥼✨

We’re starting a new series of posts highlighting groundbreaking research made possible through the application of our SPM technology! 🔬

For the first highlight in this series, we’re showcasing a whole series of measurements of phosphorene nanoribbons performed in collaboration with some fantastic researchers at University College London (UCL) in Professor Chris Howard’s group and the University of Bristol and published in Nature in 2019 (

How did our SPM enable the best quality measurements of phosphorene nanoribbons?

🔍 The video rate imaging and high precision stage enabled roaming around the surface to locate the phosphorene nanoribbons and follow their path in an intuitive way.

⏱️ The quick loading and imaging times enabled analysis of many samples for identification of optimal sample preparation methods – rapidly iterating towards a successful manufacturing method.

🧹 It’s difficult to eradicate surface contaminants across the entire sample surface… By temporarily increasing the surface load between the sample and the tip, our SPMs can ‘sweep away’ surface contamination enabling clear, high-quality imaging, even for delicate nanostructures.

These capabilities are demonstrated in the video below, showing Dynamic SPM imaging along a phosphorene nanoribbon on HOPG at a frame rate of 2 frames per second.

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