Research Highlights (#2)

Electrodeposition of Copper Film - Research Highlights #2 🥼

We’ve started a new series of posts highlighting groundbreaking research made possible through the application of our SPM technology! 🔬

For our second piece of research in this series, we’d like to highlight work performed in collaboration with Professor Walther Schwarzacher’s group at the University of Bristol measuring electrodeposition of copper films in-situ! This research was published in the Journal of The Electrochemical Society in 2020 (

How did our SPM enable the best quality measurements?

🚀 Video rate imaging speeds enabled real-time measurements for new insight into growth mechanisms of copper grains.

🔍 The macro- and micro-optical view and the high precision stage enabled roaming across the surface to locate regions of interest across the surface.

🗺️ Our software enabled analysis of individual grains across thousands of grains for detailed analysis of growth rate at various stages of the electrodeposition process.

Check out the video below to see our kit in action – imaging at 2 frames per second, monitoring the same region on the surface as the electrodeposition process progresses. Grain coarsening is observed and reflected in the gradual increase of mean measured grain size.

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