Research Highlights (#3)

Nanolithography - Research Highlights #3 🥼

For the next post in our BND Research Highlights series, we’ve gone for something a bit different…Did you know that our SPMs can be used to write nanostructures directly onto surfaces?!

This capability is known as nanolithography and is described (along with many others) in a comprehensive review paper about high-speed AFM capabilities published in International Materials Reviews in 2016 (

The video shown below demonstrates local oxidation nanolithography of a silicon surface. By using a conductive tip, a potential may be applied between the tip and the surface. This applied potential results in the production of silicon oxide which is less dense than silicon and therefore topographically higher than the silicon surface.

Using Vector, our flagship Dynamic-SPM, specific structures, patterns, and designs can be automatically produced – there’s so much potential! (Get it?) In the video we show a logo for the Interface Analysis Centre from the University of Bristol. 🎓

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